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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

The White House posted a video explaining that STEM education is the next step. More »

This is an excellent video that highlights what engineers do, and why being an engineer is cool. More »

This Website is a great resource for students and parents. Students, can get specific help by grade to point them on the math and science route. Parents can get resources for their students, as well as learn how to get students on the math and science route. More »

This TED Talk is about not just why math is important, but also why computers are important in teaching math. More »

This is a great article that talks bout how educators can teach children with autism. More »

This article from the Aspen Times, tells the story about an amazing find in North America. More »

What is a molecular animator? It’s someone who creates animations about how proteins work and how we are alive right now. More »

This is excellent news for the STEM-supporting community. Apparently Metro Early College High School students prefer Discovery channel over MTV. More »