You’ve heard the line over and over, “Teachers need to find ways to get students interested in STEM fields”. This push for early education interventions to increase student’s interest and retention in STEM can be a huge source of pressure and stress for teachers. Need some tips for ways to make sure your lesson plan […]

What a better way to learn about how to help kids reach their potential than to turn to scientific evidence that is 45-years in the making. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY) is the longest-running longitudinal survey – consisting of over 5,000 participants whom have gone on to become high achieving scientists. Although over […]

SciGirls CONNECT is a national outreach effort to encourage educators to adopt new, research based strategies to engage girls in STEM. Visit and click on RESOURCES to find quick easy ways to supplement your curriculum with activities and videos. You will find low-cost, step-by-step instructions to teach a lesson on any of the following topics: earth […]

Mixing up the curriculum and the methods of teaching students is important in maintaining younger students’ interest. These websites offer great alternatives for teaching. This also gives students the opportunity to work with technology – a vital skill for their future. The article offers 5 websites and the topics range from grammar to typing and […]

Technology has always been a large part of the classroom, improving learning and allowing curriculum to be taught in unique ways. Virtual Reality (VR) has the power to completely transform the classroom in the coming years and could change the way we educate students. Instead of simply lecturing on the Solar System, for example, VR […]

How to make teaching history more interesting? Have students use what they enjoy to spend time on – social media. Instead of just lecturing on the previous presidents, allow the students to create a social media campaign about them. Youth are basically social media gurus so let them prove their knowledge while they learn. This […]

Calculus is challenging, but it shouldn’t be a reason for fewer grads from STEM majors. Researchers found that a main reason students, especially women, are dropping out of STEM Majors is due to a decreased confidence and a lack of desire to take more Calculus. The students initially got into sciences or engineering most likely […]

Will we use this in real life? Children always seem to ask this question when they are learning math. The answer is yes, math is everywhere. From counting money to budgeting and even taxes, math is in everyday life and usually has to do with personal finance. Geometry to Trigonometry might not be something everyone […]