Youths commonly see something in a movie or on a TV show and say “I want to do that!” or “if she can do it so can I!” There is an incline of science and technology influence, especially with female roles, in the media – a great way to introduce young audiences to STEM careers. […]

Technology has always been a large part of the classroom, improving learning and allowing curriculum to be taught in unique ways. Virtual Reality (VR) has the power to completely transform the classroom in the coming years and could change the way we educate students. Instead of simply lecturing on the Solar System, for example, VR […]

How to make teaching history more interesting? Have students use what they enjoy to spend time on – social media. Instead of just lecturing on the previous presidents, allow the students to create a social media campaign about them. Youth are basically social media gurus so let them prove their knowledge while they learn. This […]

Young learners often ask how to make an impact on the world. As a part of a summer internship at MIT four high school students helped improve the global water shortage by making a portable filtration system that turns salt water into fresh water. The students developed the idea from discussing the tragic water crisis […]

The U.S. is currently 4th in the world for innovation. However, in order to maintain and increase innovation the country must invest in the younger generation. In a study on innovators, researchers found that students from low income families were less likely to file a patent for an invention than students from high income families. […]

“Clearly, digital technology is rapidly transforming the way we live, work and conduct business.” – Bain Digital  Though we don’t have flying cars just yet, we are getting closer and closer to the technological advances and futuristic world that we say in Back to the Future. The future of technology, as we have experienced across […]

Computer programmer, a STEM career, tops the chart with the highest pay gap between men and women at 28.1% according to a recent Glassdoor study. The average, unadjusted gap shows that women make 76 percent of what men earn.

Dr. Jo Handelsman of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says, “Women and minorities have been left out of science to a large degree. Still, engineering is very male dominated and many of the physical sciences are.” Bringing energy, excitement, and attention to STEM opportunities for women and minorities has been on […]