The resources for students to learn about careers in STEM are slim. NATS (National Air Traffic Control Services) held a session specifically designed for teachers and counselors to improve their knowledge of STEM. The main idea is to get teachers and counselors educated about STEM so they are able to pass the message to students. If counselors […]

The male dominated STEM culture has to start taking women seriously. Universities have implemented mentorship programs and tried to help females in STEM throughout their time in college. However, after they graduate females are quitting, specifically the field of engineering, at a consistent rate. Susan Silbey said it perfectly that “gender stereotyping in the workplace, […]

Mixing up the curriculum and the methods of teaching students is important in maintaining younger students’ interest. These websites offer great alternatives for teaching. This also gives students the opportunity to work with technology – a vital skill for their future. The article offers 5 websites and the topics range from grammar to typing and […]

A female in engineering!? People assume a female student must be extremely gifted to be studying STEM, instead of an average student who has chosen a major based on interest. This can cause major anxiety among female students in STEM, and studies have shown it can hinder the ability of the student to learn. In […]

When are students losing interest in STEM? The answer is earlier than we thought. In a study focused on interest in astrology, scientists found middle school is the time the desire significantly declines. The study was based off of asking students of four different age groups what their interests were, and they wanted to do […]

Technology has always been a large part of the classroom, improving learning and allowing curriculum to be taught in unique ways. Virtual Reality (VR) has the power to completely transform the classroom in the coming years and could change the way we educate students. Instead of simply lecturing on the Solar System, for example, VR […]

How to make teaching history more interesting? Have students use what they enjoy to spend time on – social media. Instead of just lecturing on the previous presidents, allow the students to create a social media campaign about them. Youth are basically social media gurus so let them prove their knowledge while they learn. This […]

Young learners often ask how to make an impact on the world. As a part of a summer internship at MIT four high school students helped improve the global water shortage by making a portable filtration system that turns salt water into fresh water. The students developed the idea from discussing the tragic water crisis […]