The resources for students to learn about careers in STEM are slim. NATS (National Air Traffic Control Services) held a session specifically designed for teachers and counselors to improve their knowledge of STEM. The main idea is to get teachers and counselors educated about STEM so they are able to pass the message to students. If counselors […]

While American colleges and universities train twice as many teachers overall as there are open positions, a new report by the National Council on Teacher Quality says only a small number are qualified to teach math or science.  Link>>

In the new book, “Inequality for All: The Challenges of Unequal Opportunity in American Schools,” William Schmidt and Curtis C. McKnight take a closer look at the American education system in the area of mathematics. Regardless of socioeconomic background 0r race, inequalities pose a risk to every child. They stem from differences in state education standards, in school funding, in curricula that districts choose to adopt and in the content that individual classroom teachers choose to teach. This article focuses on how math teachers are trained and how that, in turn, affects student achievement. connects teachers and students to free, federally-funded Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education resources.