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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

Learn About the Human Body is a resource that was suggested by a teacher that used it to get her kids engaged about the human body. There are links to lesson plans that can help teach students everything from the different parts of our body to detailed maps of the different organs. Other resources on that page include some games for students of all ages to get them involved in learning about their body.

Computer programmer, a STEM career, tops the chart with the highest pay gap between men and women at 28.1% according to a recent Glassdoor study. The average, unadjusted gap shows that women make 76 percent of what men earn. Glassdoor added controls for age, education, experience, industry, job titles and company/location, finding a remaining 5% unexplained gap. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, was surprised that as high as a 5% gap still remained, with all else relatively equal. Predictions indicate that more employers will likely utilize a commitment to and practice of pay equity as a differentiating factor to stand-out in the marketplace. In the meantime, as this issue gains further momentum and real solutions are implemented, Women entering careers are encouraged to pay careful attention to potential pay gaps and increase negotiations to achieve pay equity.

Find more about the Glassdoor study and the 15 Jobs with the highest pay gaps here.

Dr. Jo Handelsman of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says, “Women and minorities have been left out of science to a large degree. Still, engineering is very male dominated and many of the physical sciences are.”

Bringing energy, excitement, and attention to STEM opportunities for women and minorities has been on the agenda of the current presidential administration. More »

Mentors and role models are critical in the professional development and growth of the rising generations. Seeing people who “look like you”, be it gender, race, ethnicity or other diverse identities, is important in believing that you, too, can succeed. More »

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research highlights 7 successful projects to attract and retain female students in community college STEM programs. More »

MIT Astrophysicist, Sara Seager (PhD), has been studying, exploring, and looking for planets beyond our solar system (exoplanets) for 20+ years, driven by a passion to “…find another Earth. That’s what I’m living for.” More »

A collaboration between NSF and Colorado State University, through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award, prepares master’s and doctoral students at with the tools to extract meaning from huge amounts of sensor and genomics data. More »

Filled with intrigue, insights, and action, the popular Mythbusters TV show uses elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors and myths. The show has also begun to bust the myth that STEM careers are boring and “nerdy”, encouraging students to explore STEM-related opportunities. More »