When are students losing interest in STEM? The answer is earlier than we thought. In a study focused on interest in astrology, scientists found middle school is the time the desire significantly declines. The study was based off of asking students of four different age groups what their interests were, and they wanted to do […]

Youths commonly see something in a movie or on a TV show and say “I want to do that!” or “if she can do it so can I!” There is an incline of science and technology influence, especially with female roles, in the media – a great way to introduce young audiences to STEM careers. […]

Educators! Listening to music about science is a fun and interesting way to get students engaged. Research has proven music to be very influential and can affect the listener deeply. Showing younger learners an artist they may recognize is a great way to build connections with STEM. Just like the “Fifty Nifty United States” song […]

In our globalized economy, knowledge of different languages, cultures, and social systems is critical. Cultural competence and language education is not a top priority in U.S. schools. Recently, the U.S. Government invested to increase STEM in schools. Unfortunately, language curriculum was not included in the investment….and it should be.

Dr. Jo Handelsman of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says, “Women and minorities have been left out of science to a large degree. Still, engineering is very male dominated and many of the physical sciences are.” Bringing energy, excitement, and attention to STEM opportunities for women and minorities has been on […]

Mentors and role models are critical in the professional development and growth of the rising generations. Seeing people who “look like you”, be it gender, race, ethnicity or other diverse identities, is important in believing that you, too, can succeed.

MIT Astrophysicist, Sara Seager (PhD), has been studying, exploring, and looking for planets beyond our solar system (exoplanets) for 20+ years, driven by a passion to “…find another Earth. That’s what I’m living for.”

Filled with intrigue, insights, and action, the popular Mythbusters TV show uses elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors and myths. The show has also begun to bust the myth that STEM careers are boring and “nerdy”, encouraging students to explore STEM-related opportunities.