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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

MIT Astrophysicist, Sara Seager (PhD), has been studying, exploring, and looking for planets beyond our solar system (exoplanets) for 20+ years, driven by a passion to “…find another Earth. That’s what I’m living for.” More »

A collaboration between NSF and Colorado State University, through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award, prepares master’s and doctoral students at with the tools to extract meaning from huge amounts of sensor and genomics data. More »

Filled with intrigue, insights, and action, the popular Mythbusters TV show uses elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors and myths. The show has also begun to bust the myth that STEM careers are boring and “nerdy”, encouraging students to explore STEM-related opportunities. More »

Competition is fierce, as 42 high school girls make-up the Bronx High School Robotics team, The Fe Maidens (pronounced “Iron Maidens”) and compete to win. These girls have discovered that they can get their hands dirty and take-on STEM-related challenges, competing “neck and neck” with boys, despite consistent messages that say, “you’re pretty good- for a girlMore »

It is no secret that STEM fields have a reputation of being unwelcoming toward women and that women are underrepresented within these career paths. And, times, despite slowly, they are a-changing. The Forbes Most Powerful Women list for 2015 was filled with representation of influential, innovative, and leading women within STEM careers, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg named within the technology category for her fourth consecutive year.  More »

Increased demand and low unemployment rates are two components that make these STEM jobs attractive. STEM careers are often highlighted as “the jobs of the future”, as they are on the horizon of great innovation, creation, and development. The top 25 STEM jobs made the list, with information provided about the number of projected jobs, median salary, and unemployment rate. As you explore your next or future career steps within STEM industries, these options, diverse in skill sets, interests, and career fields, top the charts: More »

Six universities have received major grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to revolutionize engineering departments through the RED program at NSF.

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When scientists’ jobs involve not just measuring data on climate change but also gauging public reaction to potentially volatile information, the challenges of their jobs multiply. John H. Richardson tackles this nuanced topic in Esquire with an intriguing feature article(warning: the article includes significant cursing – it’s not a typical source for me, I tend to favor academic sources, but the topic proved to be compelling enough for me to explore it), “When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job,” and he clusters his coverage into four areas:

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