Exploring career paths and learning about college has never been so fun! Education Planner is a great tool for middle and high school students to participate in engaging, interactive activities, while exploring how to learn about themselves, plan for a career, and even pay for school. Check out the career cluster activity to see what careers […]

Engineer Your Life is a fantastic site for high school girls examining whether the field of engineering could be a good fit for them. The site is with loaded dream jobs that depict inspiring women loving what they do, while making a difference. Not only will girls feel excited about the different career possibilities in […]

The resources for students to learn about careers in STEM are slim. NATS (National Air Traffic Control Services) held a session specifically designed for teachers and counselors to improve their knowledge of STEM. The main idea is to get teachers and counselors educated about STEM so they are able to pass the message to students. If counselors […]

Calculus is challenging, but it shouldn’t be a reason for fewer grads from STEM majors. Researchers found that a main reason students, especially women, are dropping out of STEM Majors is due to a decreased confidence and a lack of desire to take more Calculus. The students initially got into sciences or engineering most likely […]

A collaboration between NSF and Colorado State University, through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award, prepares master’s and doctoral students at with the tools to extract meaning from huge amounts of sensor and genomics data.

Increased demand and low unemployment rates are two components that make these STEM jobs attractive.

How Education Can Affect Your Income (Infographic)

College-Scholarship.com provides exactly what the URL suggests it does; a database of hundreds of scholarships.