Engineer Your Life is a fantastic site for high school girls examining whether the field of engineering could be a good fit for them. The site is with loaded dream jobs that depict inspiring women loving what they do, while making a difference. Not only will girls feel excited about the different career possibilities in […]

The male dominated STEM culture has to start taking women seriously. Universities have implemented mentorship programs and tried to help females in STEM throughout their time in college. However, after they graduate females are quitting, specifically the field of engineering, at a consistent rate. Susan Silbey said it perfectly that “gender stereotyping in the workplace, […]

Young learners often ask how to make an impact on the world. As a part of a summer internship at MIT four high school students helped improve the global water shortage by making a portable filtration system that turns salt water into fresh water. The students developed the idea from discussing the tragic water crisis […]

Mentors and role models are critical in the professional development and growth of the rising generations. Seeing people who “look like you”, be it gender, race, ethnicity or other diverse identities, is important in believing that you, too, can succeed.

Increased demand and low unemployment rates are two components that make these STEM jobs attractive.

With STEM jobs–those requiring degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math-related fields–currently accounting for more than 10% of positions in the U.S.–engineers are in strong

Please check out this informative and well written article that explains why engineers are integral to the American economy and infrastructure, how the job market has

Not so long ago, back in the early days of electronics, successful engineers could be “undegreed” and learn their craft on the job.  More>>