This year, STEM majors are expected to make the most money after graduation. In a survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) “more than half the employers surveyed said they planned to hire graduates with bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields, making them the most sought-after candidates entering the job market.” Starting salaries for […]

“Data from the White House found that women and minorities account for 70 percent of all college students, but only 45 percent of students in STEM majors”- what’s causing the gap? MoneyGeek explores challenges that women often face in STEM careers, and identified possible solutions to help close the gap. Challenges, past and present, include […]

A collaboration between NSF and Colorado State University, through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award, prepares master’s and doctoral students at with the tools to extract meaning from huge amounts of sensor and genomics data.

Increased demand and low unemployment rates are two components that make these STEM jobs attractive.

Hired, a startup working to make recruiting more efficient, has expanded to include a category for VPs of engineering and chief technical officers (CTOs).  Link>>

Over the past decade, leaders in the United States have been challenged to produce solutions for crises such as high unemployment rates, declines in skilled labor, deficits in the educational system, and the offshoring of jobs to other

What if half the men in science, engineering and technology roles dropped out at midcareer? That would surely be

Every generation has its own anthem of making the journey from youthful naïveté to adult reality, whether it’s Neil Young’s “Old Man,”