Will we use this in real life? Children always seem to ask this question when they are learning math. The answer is yes, math is everywhere. From counting money to budgeting and even taxes, math is in everyday life and usually has to do with personal finance. Geometry to Trigonometry might not be something everyone […]

Today, high school students are choosing not to take STEM courses if they are not required. Without necessary prerequisites for STEM majors, students are less likely to pursue STEM careers. Not only are students behind in STEM majors, but several other majors that require STEM classes. For example, math classes are required for Business students. […]

Learn about money is a great website for kids to learn about Finances and how math is useful when it comes to managing your own money.

The government released the latest national test scores on Wednesday, and the news isn’t good: 12th-graders are headed toward graduation, but many don’t have the skills they need to succeed in college or work.  Link>>

The first in a series of editorials on reforming math and science education noted that the number of students pursuing engineering or computer science jobs is plummeting as the need for those workers is soaring.  More>>

U.S. students’ poor showing in international rankings of math proficiency signal a growing barrier to upward mobility for the nation’s low-income and minority students. Some go so far as to call math the new literacy tests of our generation.  Link>>

Speed doesn’t matter, and there’s no such thing as a “math person.” How the Common Core’s approach to the discipline could correct these misperceptions. Full Article>>

What a welcome sight during the holidays: national television advertisements for improving America’s student performance in math and