Calculus is challenging, but it shouldn’t be a reason for fewer grads from STEM majors. Researchers found that a main reason students, especially women, are dropping out of STEM Majors is due to a decreased confidence and a lack of desire to take more Calculus. The students initially got into sciences or engineering most likely […]

The University of Minnesota’s STEM Education Center was founded in order to apply STEM education through concerted interdisciplinary research efforts in learning and cognition, [More…] STEM integration, instructor development, and evaluation and assessment to STEM teaching from early childhood through graduate education. The center is located in the College of Education and Human Development’s (CEHD) Centers for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Minnesota, and includes researchers from CEHD, College of Biological Sciences, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Medical School, Extension, and the College of Science & Engineering.