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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

Create an InvenTeam of high school students, teachers, and mentors that will receive grants up to $10,000 each to invent technological solutions to real-world problems. The challenge you solve is one you come up with yourself.  Start your InvenTeam today.

There is nothing more fun than learning about different STEM careers in an interactive learning environment, where you can learn about different types of jobs from aerospace to nuclear to jobs in the ocean.

Mark Savickas’s review of literature reviews and longitudinal studies lead to these 14 useful claims in advising students for success.

This movie, which is now playing in select theaters, is about the current state of public education in the U.S. and how it is affecting students. Gail Collins from the New York Times talks about what she thought of the movie in her article, and how she gives the movie kudos for raising interest levels for public education.

Biological Curriculum Expert suggests more coordinated strategy for precollege education in science, technology, engineering,and mathematics (STEM). Read his article here.

These Powerpoint presentations address achievement issues of what we need to be doing better.

Oregon’s Partnership for Occup and Career Information offers these free materials useful with elementary students. More »

This 4 min video encourages educators to use technology