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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

check out Pauley Perrette’s clip about the importance of engineering.
Part of the Entertainment Industries Council’s S.E.T Project it is raising  the importance of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Connect a Million Minds is an excellent website devoted to helping students find after school opportunities to learn about STEM. More »

This video clip promotes the value STEM achievement and interests and can be used in any presentation.

The James Webb Space Telescope helps us to better understand the origin of the universe, but here are two problems; (1) how to get it there with existing rocket technology, and (2) how to design a shield to protect the telescope? More »

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenge Summit is “bringing together hundreds of leading scientists and engineers, educators, policy leaders, innovators and forward-thinking corporate executives to address society’s most pressing problems.” More »

Providing world-class education to anyone, this nonprofit uses a library of user-paced exercises to teach any math topic and more. More »

Change the Equation aligns corporate efforts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to promote measured growth in STEM achievement and fluency. More »

One Stop Shopping Initiative for NASA Internship, Fellowship, and Scholarship Opportunities — known as ‘SOLAR’ System (student on-line application) allows  students to search and apply for NASA internship, fellowship, scholarship opportunities in one system. A single internship or fellowship application places students in the applicant pool for consideration by mentors for all NASA internships or fellowships. See flyer