Competition is fierce, as 42 high school girls make-up the Bronx High School Robotics team, The Fe Maidens (pronounced “Iron Maidens”) and compete to win. These girls have discovered that they can get their hands dirty and take-on STEM-related challenges, competing “neck and neck” with boys, despite consistent messages that say, “you’re pretty good- for […]

The Webby Awards, aka the “Oscars of the Internet,” were announced on Monday. Winners include two New York City teenage girls who created the video game “Tampon Run“.

One of my favorite days of the year at Fortune is MPW day, the day the list of Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women in business comes out. It’s a great celebration of women in power, of women

STEM careers, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are among the highest-paying positions in any field. Most positions in these fields are currently held by men, but

In the last few decades, women have made immense strides in both educational and occupational success, garnering higher degrees, wages and visibility in the workforce. Today, according 

The American economy relies on the productivity, entrepreneurship, and creativity of all its people, yet women are being left behind in the critical fields of science, technology, engineering, and 

Twelve middle-school girls hovering around a lab table at the U.S. Naval Academy on Saturday had just begun testing the artificial heart valves they’d built out of rubber tubing and a piece of latex glove when Cmdr. Jill Richards bounded up.  Link>>

The American Association of University Women came out in support of the Common Core State Standards yesterday.