“Making the Grade” video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PP7MiskJs4 ) is a 12 min fast paced, fact supported, video of females offering success hints and stories about succeeding in STEM majors. This Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo/NASPA video [More…] is a gem for classroom use, career development sessions, women’s programs, and as inspiration to promote and support STEM majors and training programs. Believable female role models, wisdom and rich insights from successful STEM students and grads offer concrete advice about dealing with confidence issues, peers, social support and more! This documentary video is a must use educational, recruiting and retention tool for middle and high school educators, as well as for college and university STEM programs. A free instructional guide (http://www.facebook.com/makingthegrade2012 ) assists advisors, faculty and independent assignments. This material moves beyond content to touch the contextual nature of why women succeed in STEM. Every young woman should view this!

This 3:50 min video includes top celebs saying how science is cool…use it in any class!

Watch this report that aired on CNN a few weeks ago about FIRST Robotics and STEM Education, and what it can do for students.

Inside the eClips Toolbox and the eClips Guides you can find some great teaching resources for all ages.

The Rubik’s Cube is all about mathematics, you can solve it with multiple formulas on how to move the colors around. Rubik’s Cube offers lesson plans to teachers though You Can do the Rubik’s Cube.

Start with NASA’s chief scientist and then listening to the thoughts and experiences of 2000 current workers in professions through video interviews.

This short PBS video explains the importance of STEM Education.

This YouTube video suggests there no STEM gender gap between women and men.