Your college major has a bigger effect on your income than where you go to college.  We reported on this story last month, and ran a graph of the most and least lucrative college majors.  NPR Article>>

It’s common knowledge that the United States is facing a STEM crisis — so common, in fact, that we tend not to question it. According to a February 2012 by President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and

Bad news for newly minted college graduates: That still-crisp bachelor’s degree does not guarantee employment, especially if it happens to be in architecture or information systems.  Link>>

The decision you make in college in choosing your major could end up costing you millions of dollars over your lifetime. CNN has new stats on the degrees that earn the most and the least. Want to make $3.5 million? Major in engineering. That’s how much those who graduate with an engineering degree can expect to earn over a 40-year career, according to new Census Bureau data.

Research raises questions and offers insights after analyzing earnings based on 171 college majors.