Girls Who Code is paving the way in introducing high-quality computer science education to as many girls, around the country, as possible. Susan Nesbitt, Director of Girls who code says that her team works “with a sense of urgency and an acute awareness that time is running out.”

A handful of nonprofit and for-profit groups are working to address what they see as a national education crisis: Too few of America’s K-12 public schools actually teach computer science basics and fewer still offer it for credit.  Article>>

(CNN) — Kevin Wang always had the teaching bug in him.  After graduating from UC-Berkeley in 2002 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science, he turned down industry

Women in technology say they have plenty of opportunities to start Web-based companies and raise capital, though there are still too few of them studying computer science and taking engineering roles.  That’s the message from a group of female executives on “Women to 

Earlier this year, we chronicled the career paths of 21 recent University of Washington computer science and engineering graduates, asking them about their future employers and what gets them excited