When scientists’ jobs involve not just measuring data on climate change but also gauging public reaction to potentially volatile information, the challenges of their jobs multiply. John H. Richardson tackles this nuanced topic in Esquire with an intriguing feature article(warning: the article includes significant cursing – it’s not a typical source for me, I tend to favor academic […]

Challenging economy, loss of basic research and limited faculty spots create questions about some STEM jobs.

ResearchGate, a collaborative social network for scientists, is potentially changing and transforming the way science is done. For years, scientists avoided the social web because of cultural resistance, the lack of a clear benefit to publishing, winning tenure, and making discoveries…fueled that apathy. With the rapid success in social networking with companies such as Facebook, ResearchGate realized the potential opportunity to create a collaborative cloud in which scientists could share ideas and publish works, thus increasing the speed of scientific discovery.

Women and Minority Scientists Discouraged from Pursuing STEM Careers, National Survey Shows.