When scientists’ jobs involve not just measuring data on climate change but also gauging public reaction to potentially volatile information, the challenges of their jobs multiply. John H. Richardson tackles this nuanced topic in Esquire with an intriguing feature article(warning: the article includes significant cursing – it’s not a typical source for me, I tend to favor academic […]

Science can save us from the next Hurricane Sandy. That’s what President Barack Obama will say today when he releases his Climate Action Plan, during a highly anticipated speech at Georgetown University.  Article>>

A new book, Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs, Jon Koomey discusses how we can turn the smarts of business to the major problems of our time. Examples of rapid innovation and mobilization using STEM fields have happened before in U.S. history (e.g. WWII production and the creation of Sputnik). “Entrepreneurs will go to the place where the profits are, and until society commits itself to really changing, it’s hard for entrepreneurs to see the value in addressing the problem.” STEM fields are a necessary element in solving the problems of today and tomorrow.