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While the average unemployment rate for technology professionals is a mere 3.5 percent — significantly lower than the national average of 7.7 percent — the rates vary by job function. Among Web developers, it’s just 1.0 percent, whereas

Tech companies are holding out hope that high-skilled immigration reform can finally get through Congress, despite previous failed

Robert Half Technology, which has an office on ParkLake Avenue in Raleigh, has released its list of “hot technology and design jobs” for 2013, and several of the suggestions just happened to fit in with the Triangle’s

Back in the mid-1980s, Jeanine Swatton was in an all-girl band in Boston, belting out top-40 hits — just like the then-popular band The Go-Gos.

The all-female band from the 1980s was iconic for making noise in the predominately male music industry. Years later, Swatton is trying to do the same with an all-female engineering team at her software start-up

“It was like a war. People were disappearing and you didn’t know where they went.” That may sound like hyperbole to some, but for John Pavey, the CTO of The Huffington Post, Hurricane Sandy brought back memories of 9/11. Pavey, who is based in Princeton, N.J., pulled an all-nighter during the storm on Monday night as the AOL news site suffered an unprecedented outage. By Tuesday morning, HuffPo was back up and running even though the ISP responsible — DataGram — wasn’t functioning.