You never know where your interests, personal network, and perseverance will lead you in the STEM fields. This couldn’t be more true for Gareth Halladay, a present graduate student in Colorado State University’s Computer Science program. “In my undergrad I had a passion for anatomy and physiology and majored in biological sciences. Now, I look […]

Julia has always had a passion for animals. “I had three Golden Retrievers growing up – all of which died of cancer. Needless to say, I’m extremely passionate about the work I do.” However, discerning her career path wasn’t always clear and easy. “If you are interested in science and math, don’t feel like you […]

No need to feel discouraged if you’re an aspiring scientist like Adam Heck once was. Even today Adam reminds himself, “In research you’re are going to fail… a lot. Roughly 80% of your experiments won’t make it past being a passage in your lab notebook. That does not mean those experiments were not important or […]

What are possible research and career paths if you are a student interested in STEM? Not surprisingly, the opportunities are endless and ever-changing. Read Hailey’s story to identify with a scientist who followed their passion for biology and is now thriving in her research on genetic diseases. There are many diverse paths you can take […]