Angela Byars-Winston reports on ways to recruit and retain women and girls in STEM. Read more from the article.

If you want to improve your woman enrollment in your technology class, check out what IWITTS has to offer.

Census data shows foreign-born Americans are earning STEM degrees in disproportionately large numbers, compared to the native-born U.S. population

Counseling at a Crossroads, finds a huge gap between the perspectives of school counselors and the realities they deal with on a daily basis.

I’ve seen statistics about STEM Education before, and they all say the same thing; we need more of it. I found this statistic particularly interesting off of this website filled with statistics:

The United States Economic & Statistics Administration recently came out with a report on the gender gap in STEM. It’s a pretty short report, and a easy read, but filled with lots of important information.

This website provides people with free 60 second video clips about science, that aims at providing the audience with bite-size, consume-in-one-minute pieces of scientific coverage.

Today, the last space shuttle launched off. I’m sure most of you already know this, but here are some great links to articles about it.