There is a international dialogue on women in STEM livecast tomorrow 6/14, 11 a.m EDT. Read more about it here.

One high school has gotten their students a head start in STEM by using Project Lead the Way curriculum.

Mitchell College will host an all-day expo on STEM education Friday for visiting seventh-grade teachers and students.

Local manufacturers team up with high school and college students to help build the robot competitors and gain exposure to a modern manufacturing and STEM. Read more here.

Mark Mahoney ‘s work on student’s attitudes toward STEM and Wood, Knezek and Christiansen’sinstrument for assessing interest in STEM content and careers are helping advance counselor’s work.

This website talks about the importance of STEM education, how to integrate it into the curriculum, the benefits of STEM education, and the responsibilities of teachers.

The most Education Week report explores the field often called “informal science education,” which is gaining broader recognition for its role in helping young people acquire scientific knowledge and skills.

A middle school counselor discusses how parents and counselors can work together to help students succeed.