Let’s change the conversation! After all, there is so much talk about the lack of women in STEM fields and limited resources/ opportunities for them. Even though it is the reality, there are major gains that women are making everyday to be a part of STEM. Keeping the focus on “the negative” is just perpetuating the problem. Check out this positive post by Kaya Casper!

Audit tool identifies and solves STEM Education pathway challenges.

In the June 2012 issue of Research in Higher Education, a recent USC study was published indicating that minority college students who majored in STEM fields made 25% more than their peers who majored in education or humanities. Even more amazing, those minority students who took jobs in STEM fields made 50% more than their peers who majored in education or humanities. The 9 year study followed more than 1,000 Asian and Pacific Islander, Latino and black students.

With data compiled from a 2006 study of minorities and their relationship to STEM, OnlineUniversities.com has produced this interesting article and infogram with 10 startling stats. Although it is not new news that minorities are missing from many STEM careers and educational programs, it is apparent based on this research that minorities have a keen interest in STEM related fields. The reason? The article states that, “…the gap exists because many minority students aren’t afforded the same educational opportunities, receiving less science and mathematics instruction from more inexperienced teachers. Lack of mentors has also been proposed as a potential problem, as well as lack of financial assistance. Again, this is further evidence that STEM opportunities need to be further integrated into our educational systems, especially those filled with disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

Women and Minority Scientists Discouraged from Pursuing STEM Careers, National Survey Shows.