Did you know that women are just as biased against female STEM students as men? This bias can even be communicated implicitly through language used in letters of recommendation. Read this simple this info-graphic to learn more about how you can better support your students in their vocational pursuits by providing them with bias-free letters […]

Up until recently, the majority of human development literature on masculinity and femininity has held to the assumption that males and females are inherently different from one other (Schock & Schwalbe, 2009). That is, research has spent an ample amount of time focusing on constructing and disseminating the concept of “gender roles”. This view of […]

Ignite her curiosity! A powerful way to convey that STEM subjects are open to all is by sharing stories of girls and women who love science and technology. Surprisingly, not only is it helpful to introduce girls to real-life women in STEM through biographies, but fictional stories can also serve to forward girls’ interest in […]

Debbie Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox children’s toys explains the problem of why there are so few women in STEM. Watch her two-minute video to hear her opinion of how to fix it.  

A new study suggests that women’s lack of confidence in their math skills may be one reason for the gender gap in the STEM fields. The study used a national survey of 5,000 college students enrolled in first-semester calculus. Among all aiming to pursue STEM careers, 35% of women reported that they did not understand […]

The “Party game for horrible people,” Cards Against Humanity, has released an expanded science pack of cards. Sales of the pack go toward a full-ride scholarship for women seeking undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math.