It is no secret that STEM fields have a reputation of being unwelcoming toward women and that women are underrepresented within these career paths. And, times, despite slowly, they are a-changing. The Forbes Most Powerful Women list for 2015 was filled with representation of influential, innovative, and leading women within STEM careers, including Facebook COO […]

Increased demand and low unemployment rates are two components that make these STEM jobs attractive.

Tech and social media are booming, and it seems every company these days is offering a position for someone to handle its social accounts and applications.  Link>>

Not only is STEM education a catalyst for good jobs, but STEM jobs seek to further the progression of solving the worlds toughest [More…] problems. Other countries such as Canada, Finland, and China continually do well on science assessments making them a proven model for advancement. This article states that it will take more than brilliant minds, but rather an engaged and supportive U.S. society.

The Virtual Career Network, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, was created in 2010 to assist new entrants and the un- and under-employed in order to transition workers into high paying, high growth healthcare careers. This informative website helps individuals find an appropriate career fit, determine appropriate credentials needed, and assists in locating and applying for financial aid, etc.

There is nothing more fun than learning about different STEM careers in an interactive learning environment, where you can learn about different types of jobs from aerospace to nuclear to jobs in the ocean.

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth is a short video about how being called and labeled geeks, nerds, and dorks is not necessarily a bad thing.

Change the Equation aligns corporate efforts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to promote measured growth in STEM achievement and fluency. With a particular focus on girls and students of color, long underrepresented in STEM fields, this effort works towards: improving STEM teaching at all grade levels, inspiring student appreciation and excitement for STEM programs and careers, and a sustained commitment to improving STEM education.