A group of 30 high school girls, split into teams, poked and prodded clay, pebbles, a sponge, duct tape, two straws, two popsicle sticks and some plastic wrap inside a small, rectangular bucket to make the sturdiest levee possible.  Link>>

Against the backdrop of a national imperative to address projected shortages of underrepresented minorities earning degrees in STEM, universities throughout the country are using summer downtime to offer programs that

Angelical Martin enjoys the collaborative exchange of knowledge and ideas in the scientific field, but as a second-year Duke University graduate student studying cellular and molecular biology, the Detroit native is often left feeling isolated and unable to relate to her peers.  Link>>

When it comes to exposing youth to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the earlier the better.  Acknowledging the importance of STEM education, the Obama administration embarked

A recent Startup Village event in Moscow organized by the Skolkovo Foundation celebrated and showcased Russian innovation, positioning Moscow as an emerging tech hub.  Article>>

Great Science For Girls National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science

A lot has been written about the effort to attract more women and people of color to what’s known as the “STEM” fields – science,

It is easier to cultivate a pre-existing interest in STEM fields than create it where none exists, states the report…Of the STEM disciplines,