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STEM-Centric Career Assessments

Want to help your child explore science? Parental involvement is so important in a child’s science education. More »

Short, new video segments are produced weekly exploring current applications of STEM topics. More »

Are there jobs that can’t be outsourced? This NYTimes debate is my best recommendation on a quick study about future jobs.

STEM includes sixth largest share of new jobs over next decade says projections. More »

Major study says “America needs more workers with college degrees, certificates and industry certifications,” said Anthony P. Carnevale. “If we don’t address this need now, millions of jobs could go offshore.” More »

Teachnology is a website that is free and offers easy to use resources for teachers. Some of the resources they offer include thousands of worksheets in math and science. More »

The White House posted a video explaining that STEM education is the next step. More »

This is an excellent video that highlights what engineers do, and why being an engineer is cool. More »